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In the practice of Martial Arts, one must distinguish between training and practice. In Japanese the word "renshu" is used for training, which means to prepare or train the body; and "keiko", is the word used to define practice, which means to train or prepare the spirit.

The word keiko is important not only in the study of martial arts, but also in many other cultural activities where the spiritual aspects are of fundamental importance, for example, in the tea ceremony and in flower arrangement. Keiko literally means "to reflect on, review the past"; it imbues training with a reflective character, consisting of respect toward the maintenance of the best of past traditions while preparing the spirit to learn.

The students of the Washington Karate Academy presented Sensei Bob Kaiser with a plaque bearing the inscription and quote pictured above to celebrate his 25th year of training in Uechi-Ryu Karate and to show their gratitude for his teaching.

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