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Adult Training

Training sessions begin and end with a ceremonial bow between the students and the teacher. After the bow-in, students are led through a series of warm-up exercises. These exercises emphasize stretching, coordination,and balance. 

Following the warm-up, students perform a series of drills used to develop timing, speed, and precision. Other drills focus on how to generate power, manage forces, and maintain balance through proper posture and breath control.  Students will then perform several katas. A kata is a traditional fighting form. The katas are practiced to develop the application of the various techniques. Students also perform a variety of stretches and practice traditional body conditioning to develop the flexibility, strength and body awareness needed for effective technique.

Partnered drills are introduced progressively.  At the beginning these drills are low-risk, cooperative and planned.  As the student progresses the drills become less cooperative and more spontaneous.

Free fighting is introduced gradually and is always done in a controlled manner. Students are encouraged to train hard and work with their partners to ensure a learning and collegial atmosphere.

Last Updated 9/2013